Health care is essential. 

But opting for a standard-issue insurance plan, with high costs and imposing features, doesn’t have to be. 

If you want to provide the kind of coverage and protection for your family you deserve, without dealing with the hamster wheel of confusion and disappointment, there is a way to forge your own path. 

That’s why we offer a healthcare sharing ministry – a unique and ACA exempt health insurance option that provides care and protection for a fraction of the cost of a typical Affordable Care Act plan to the tune of 30-50% less. Better yet? These options safeguard you from the sky-high penalty fees that government will hit you with for not enrolling in “typical” health care plans.

Because we know you're not typical.

You don't follow the crowd, you follow your faith.

Why should health care be 
any different?

We’re a company that shares your values. We offer plans that are exempt from Affordable Care Act requirements and allow you to make health care choices aligned with your personal beliefs, not government mandates. 

Better yet? we have benefit advisors standing by and ready to help you navigate your ACA alternative choices – because the last thing you need is a penalty for prioritizing your family over politics. Whether you prefer phone, email, livechat, or scheduling a call for a time it’s convenient for you to sit in a quiet place and connect, we’re here for you. And we want to work together to come up with a health share plan that suits your needs.

Cost Conscious

You are unable or unwilling to pay the high costs for conventional healthcare plans.

Community Minded

You believe in the power of community over self-interest.

You Want Options

You are searching for Obamacare Alternatives

You Work Hard

You don’t qualify for financial assistance or subsidies.

In Great Health

You’re not currently taking pricey medication or dealing with any pre-existing conditions.

No Major Events

You don’t have any planned surgeries in the next 4 months. You aren't pregnant, and aren't planning to be in the next year.

"It was such a relief to find an organization that not only saved me and my family hundreds, but also shared my beliefs."

Elaina J.

"I couldn't be happier with the service HealthShare Advisors provided. Highly recommend."

Mary M.

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Is health sharing right for you? Find out now.

The well-served members of our health sharing plans are all unique individuals, with a shared set of values, concerns and priorities. Do these feel familiar to you?

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If some, or all, of the above rings true to you, reach out now so we can learn more. We’re a team of experts in the world of health care, from ACA plans to short-term insurance, to alternative plans. And we know how to understand your unique point of view and then help guide you toward the plan that’s going to make your life easier, more affordable, and, of course, as healthy as possible.

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What are some of the benefits of health sharing?

It’s an ACA exempt solution for you and your family that doesn’t involve high monthly costs or paying a ludicrous penalty tax. But there are many more perks worth mentioning.

You can enroll in health sharing year-round. No qualifying event to start. No missing out on sneaky enrollment periods.

Plans that range from short term (3 months) to up to 364 days, to more permanent plan options.

Worried you won't be approved? Fear not. We don't believe in turning people down. If you're in need of coverage, we've got you.

Your rates are your rates. No fearing hidden hikes.

Get in touch! We'll contact you right away to gain an understanding of what you need, and let you know exactly how we can help. Because after all...

What's Next?

We're in this together.

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